The American Legion South Houston Post 490, 11702 Old Galveston Road, Houston, Texas 77034 Club Room & Food Orders: (281) 481-5686 Office: (281) 481-1179 Fax: (281) 481-0257 Copyright © 2001-2019 by The American Legion
The American Legion South Houston Post 490 The Largest American Legion Post in Texas!

Club Room Menu (See Galley Menu For All Food Items)

Bar Snacks & Soda: Beef Jerky $6.00 Chips $0.75 Hot Dogs $1.25 Kit Kat $1.25 Peanut Butter Cheese Crackers $0.75 Pizza 12" (Supreme, Pepperoni, Meat-lovers) $8.00 Snickers $1.25 Soda $1.00 Bottled Water $1.00 Peanuts, Popcorn, Trail Mix (Free Upon Request) On the Tap (12 Oz: $1.50-$2.00 25 Oz: $3.00-$4.00): Bud Light Budweiser Dos Equis Miller Lite Shiner Bock Bottled/Can Domestic Beer ($2.25): Bud Light Bud Lite Lime Bud Select Budweiser Coors Light Lone Star Miller High Life Miller Lite Pabst Blue Ribbon Pearl

Robert Nouis Club Room Bar Menu

Club Room: (281) 481-5686

Monday - Thursday: 11:00 am. - 10:00 pm. Friday & Saturday: 11:00 am. - Midnight Sunday: 11:00 am. - 9:00 pm.

Our F-84F Jet Airplane

Our Past Commanders 2016
Bottled Imported & Specialty Beer ($2.50-$3.35): Angry Orchard Corona Dos Equis Guinness Draught Michelob Ultra Molson Canadian Not Your Father’s Root Beer Redd's Apple Ale Shiner Bock Draft Craft Beer ($4.00-$4.50): Karbach Hopadillo Stella Artois Other Varieties (Seasonal Availability) Non-Alcoholic Beer ($2.25-$2.50): Sharps St. Pauli O’Doul’s Wine ($2.50-$2.75): Chardonnay Merlot Moscato Pinot Grigio Smirnoff Original Smirnoff Tropical Fruit White Zinfandel Most Popular Mixed Drinks Available Upon Request
Menu Revision: 6/8/2017 (Availability and prices subject to change.)